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Locker Rooms



Locker Rooms are provided for dressing on a daily basis. All personal property and valuables should be locked up. Failure to do so, may result in theft or damage to personal property. The PE department is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items, so it is vital that your child take extra precaution to ensure that valuables are stored away or left at home. Locks are not provided by El Dorado, however they can be purchased from most retail stores. The lockers are only for use during the class period, after class the students must take all their belongings with them. Clothing left behind will be put in our lost and found containers, located in each locker room. 


PLEASE NOTE: Should your student forget their locker combination or in the event of emergency, PE staff may need to cut off a lock. We are not responsible for any costs associated with replacing damaged, cut or lost locks. 


While every effort is made to assist students with locker related issues, students are expected to keep an accurate record of their combination and to be able to open their own lock. It is not mandatory for students to use a lock or a locker. We highly recommend that all students who choose to use a lock check out this online combination lock tutorial:





In an effort to keep the locker rooms safe and clean for all students and staff, students are not permitted to have the following items in the locker room:

  • Food or Drink Items (plastic or reusable water bottles are fine)
  • Aerosol Cans of any kind
  • Spray perfumes, spray deodorant, or body spray (these items can be used outside only)
  • Glass Items of any kind
  • Cell Phones or Cameras