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Distance Learning

Distance Learning Student Schedule at EDMS
Preparing for Learning and Assessment

We know that the learning environment is different when students are working outside of the classroom. As parents and guardians work more closely with students to support their engagement in classes, we wanted to provide some resources and recommendations.

DEDICATE WORK SPACE: When students have a consistent, clear space in which to work, they are more likely to hold their focus on their classes. We understand there are often multiple members of the household sharing space. Please let us know if you need additional resources. We have many donated school supplies available.

STUDENT IN CONTROL OF LEARNING: The student should be at the center of the learning experience. While parents or guardians may help ensure access and reinforce focus, it is vital that the student being the person engaging with lessons and completing the work. The student should be in front of the device, especially during video classes.

FREQUENT COMMUNICATION: When we teach in-person, teachers are able to observe students working to identify when a student may need more support. While we're working from a distance, it can be more difficult to see these signs (students working independently, camera may be off, etc.). Be sure to let the teacher know where you got stuck and help them understand where you need support. If something is getting in the way of your success, email your teacher to collaborate!

i-Ready Diagnostic: It is important for us to consistently assess student learning. The i-Ready diagnostic for Reading and Math skills allows us to compare students year-to-year, across grade level, and across schools in MDUSD. We want students to do their best and take their time, especially at the beginning of the diagnostic. Here are some resources to support families and students:

Technology Access

Parent Academy Classes: More info here!

Many instructional resources are available online. If you need a Chromebook, please come to the Main Office or contact the school to get one.

Here is a document in English o en español with tips for "How to Connect to Your Classes." There is also a News item.

If your household needs access to internet, there are some community resources available. Everyone On has a special offer for MDUSD families. Comcast offers two months free if you sign up in April 2020 through "Internet Essentials" program. 

If you cannot access a teacher's Google Classroom or other online class information, please email your teacher. More class info here.

Want to know more about Aeries Homelink access? Check out these videos!

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't find the link.
    • Check Aeries Homelink or Google Classroom for link and/or updates.
    • Student email the teacher and explain what they did to try to find the link.
    • Call the Main Office.
  • I clicked on the link, but the class hasn't started.
    • Check the Distance Learning Schedule. What day is it? Are we in a regular 5-day week, or a special schedule?
    • If you clicked the link for the correct class for that date and time, are you in the Waiting Room? Email the teacher to let them know. Include a screen shot.
    • If you clicked the link for the correct class for that date and time, has the session not started? Check Google Classroom for an update from the teacher. There could be an update of the link and/or the assignment for that day.
    • Call the Main Office.
  • How do I know if my student is doing work?
    • Check Aeries Homelink for information. 
      • Check attendance. P means the student logged into the live class session. Any number code means there was some level of engagement other than attending a live class session.
      • Check grades. Look at the "Last Updated" column to see how current the information is. Email teacher for an update if the information is more than two weeks old.
      • Are there any missing assignments? Click on the red number to see more information about the missing assignments. Use the assignment information in Aeries Homelink and check for additional information in the Google Classroom.
    • Check Google Classroom
      • Open a Google Classroom and click "Classwork". Click on "View your work" to see assignment information. NOTE: When an assignment has been submitted in Google Classroom, the system will not show it as missing. This does not mean the work was done well, so be sure to check grade info in Aeries Homelink, too. 
Suggestion for Zooming


We are aware that some students have experienced issues logging into a teacher’s Zoom meetings. For students trying to join a Zoom meeting who get a popup window stating, “This meeting is for authorized attendees only,” students should:

  • click, “Sign in to Join”

  • at the next window, select, “Sign in with Google” 

  • then be able to sign in with their login and password, click “Create Account,” and they should be able to connect

Some students with accounts created last school year, may be prompted to “Join’s Zoom Account.” These students should click on, “Join the Account.” 

computer keyboard with blue key labeled distance learning
Want to know more about COVID-19?

The new coronavirus has affected communities around the world. It can be confusing to understand the situation because new information comes out each week.

Here are some resources to get additional information:

Resources for Food

For many of our families, food insecurity is an overwhelming reality.  Below is a list of food resources and tools for finding food in our surrounding community.

shelves in a food pantry

Free Math + Science Tutoring

ASKHMC Homework Hotline for free math   science tutoring Gr.4-12Want help with Math or Science? Call Homework Hotline (877) 827-5462 or follow them on social media ASKHMC.

This free tutoring service is available to students in Grades 4-12. HOURS: Sunday through Thursday, 4pm to 7pm PST

Counselors are available!

Want to talk with a counselor?       Fill out this form.

Email or call our El Dorado counselors to set up an appointment.

Julie Grant

(408) 780-8749

Kari Finch

(415) 754-3296

Also, check out these resources that EDMS counselors put together.