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Enrollment, Registration, and Data Confirmation


 All adults/guardians are required to confirm their students' information in AERIES (Homelink). This can be done by an adult logging into their Homelink Parent account. An email address and Homelink Verification Code (request here) are required in order to view your information. All necessary directions can be found below by clicking the links. We suggest creating an account over the summer in preparation for the Data Confirmation which will be available starting in August. NO STUDENT WILL RECEIVE THEIR SCHEDULE UNTIL THEIR DATA IS CONFIRMED via HOMELINK, ONLINE, BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN.

New to the area?

All students who live within our enrollment area are welcome to register with us. Our goal is to have students start as soon as possible. Not sure if you would enroll at El Dorado Middle School? Check out this School Site Locator tool.

If your child has never attended a school in Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD), you must complete the online enrollment; if your child attended a school in MDUSD in the past, skip the online enrollment step because your child already has a student identification number in our system.

Please contact our Registrar, Ms. Bridget, to schedule an appointment or call our Main Office get more information about the process: (925) 682-5700. All families will need to confirm their address and provide emergency contact information. For some students, you will be required to provide proof of immunizations.

Intradistrict Transfer

If you live in the area for another school in Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD), then you can apply for a transfer within the district. The main time to complete the intradistrict transfer process is in mid-October to mid-November; when you apply in the Fall, it would be planning for the following school year.

Want more information? Check the MDUSD website.

Interdistrict Transfer

If you live outside Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD), then you can apply to have a transfer from your school district to MDUSD. Want more information about deadlines and application? Check out the MDUSD website.